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Air duct cleaning

Air duct cleaning redefines home health. Eliminating dirt, dust and microbial growth from your ductwork can improve indoor air quality while maintaining a cleaner home and increasing HVAC efficiency. Clean ducts mean less dirt in your home and air because ductwork is often the source and pathway for dust and biological contaminants.

There can be pounds of dirt hiding in your air ducts. Buildup from daily HVAC use, pet dander, new construction or remodeling, smoking and water damage can add millions of dirt, dust and debris particles in your ductwork. Together with our proprietary equipment and professionally trained technicians, Carey Duct Cleaning delivers a whole-system clean unlike any other. Don’t wait for cleaner indoor air. Schedule your inspection today and start breathing cleaner air.


Air duct inspection

We offer air duct inspections to verify that your air ducts need to be cleaned.


Using a powerful HEPA-filtered vacuum, we clean your furnace, evaporator coil, blowers and vent covers. We then connect it to your ductwork and pull dirt from deep inside your duct system.


compressed air flush


After loosening the debris lodged in your ducts, we use compressed air throughout the system to flush all traces of dirt, dust, and debris out of your ductwork and into our specialized vacuum system.

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